Activities are the tasks that learners need to do in order to complete a training program. Activities range from e-learning to assessments to workshops. They are grouped together inside Modules (sometimes known as clusters or units); Modules are grey in colour, Activities are white/uncoloured.

Here is an overview of all the different features, functions and buttons you will see on the Activities tab within a Training program. 

  1. Create: This is where you create a new module. All activities must be added to a module.
    You can also create a new e-learning, assessment or workshop, however they will not be linked to a module and you will need to do that after creation; they will appear in the Activity Library.

  2. Add Activity: Click the "+" button to add an activity to a module.

  3. E-learningBasic Content and SCORM upload

  4. Assessments: Quizzes, Observations and Manual Assessments

  5. Workshoptutorial coming soon - please reach out to the support team ( for assistance if needed

  6. Policy Sign-off: Linked from Manuals/Work Central
  7. Dependency: Use the ↑ arrow button to add a dependency to the module, or to individual activities within the module. This allows you to set the order in which learners must complete the modules or activities, as all dependencies must be completed before the module/activity can be viewed.
    When a dependency has been added, you will see a number to indicate how many have been added, e.g (1) if there is one, (2) if there is two. Hover over the button to see the name/title of the dependencies.

  8. Activities Ellipses: Click on this button to edit or delete a module, or edit or preview an activity.
    - Deleting a module does not delete the activities under it; they will only move to the Activity Library.
    - Editing certain assessments may affect In Progress or Submitted assessments. More info here
    - Editing an activity will apply those changes to all training programs in which it is linked/mapped. You can view where an activity is linked/mapped to from the Details tab when editing the activity.
    - Policies cannot be edited from within the training program. You can edit those through the Manual/Work Central.

  9. Unlink: This button will unlink the activity from this training program. Unlinking does not delete; the activity will remain in the activity library until/if it is ever needed again. Unlinking from one program does not unlink the activity from all programs, only the one you have clicked unlink in.

  10. Activity Library - Published: The published tab will show you all activities which are published, this includes all activities across all training programs. A published activity does NOT mean it is linked into a program, it simply means that it is able to be linked and used by learners. You can search for activities here if you want to link/map an activity from another program into the program you're editing, and simply drag and drop it under a module.

  11. Activity Library - Drafts: The activities on the Drafts tab have not yet been published, and while they can be linked into a program, they cannot yet be completed by learners and the program will not be able to be published with draft activities linked/mapped into it. 
    Note: If there is a draft activity linked into a program, you will see a red exclamation triangle icon on the activity. To publish or update the training program, you will need to first publish the activity by clicking Edit, then Publish. Check that the activity is ready to use before you publish it, especially if you are adding it to a Program which is already published.

  12. Activity Library - Top Ellipses: This button allow you to use your integrated Go1 subscription and link/map in content from the Go1 platform into your training program. Integration must be connected from within the System Settings first. More info on the integration here and here.

  13. Activity Library - Activity Ellipses: Click this button to Edit, Preview or Delete an activity.
    Important note: Deleting an activity will remove the activity from every training program it is linked/mapped to, and will also eliminate all completion records and reporting. This cannot be undone. Only delete activities if you are 100% certain the records are not needed, even for future reporting/auditing purposes.

Once you're done adding activities, you can move on to the Permissions tab.

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