Activities are the tasks that learners need to do in order to complete a training program. They are grouped together inside modules (sometimes otherwise known as clusters or units).

# 2 - To add an activity to a program, you need to first have a module to list it under. A module is similar to a section (also referred to as a unit or cluster).

#3 & 4 - Activities consist of:

# 5 - All activities that are ever created are listed in the Activity Library. This is for ease of access when one activity is listed under multiple programs. Depending on your business and how your Training programs are structured, you may not have any overlapping activities, or you may have quite a few.

# 6 - If you want to assign an activity that has already been created into a new program, simply drag and drop the activity from the Library.

Once you're done adding activities, you can move on to Permissions