Quizzes are the most common form of assessment; They include question types that are automatically marked by the system (multiple choice, multi select, yes/no and true/false questions).

Quizzes need to be 100% correct before the learner is marked as complete (all questions need to be correct); there are an unlimited number of attempts. An attempt history is kept in the Reporting page for reference. 

Quizzes are locked off to the learner/user after completion.

If you add a free-text response question to a quiz, it is considered neutral (it does not have a correct/incorrect status) and the quiz will be marked regardless of the answer given. If you would like to add a text response that requires grading, you will need to use the Manual Assessment activity type.

To create a quiz:

  1. Within the program you would like to add the quiz to, under the Activities tab, click the "Create" button
    (You can choose to create a program module first, which is required to map an activity to the program. Alternatively, you can do this later)
  2. Choose Assessment
  3. Enter the title of the Quiz
  4. Add any instructions that display to the learner
  5. The default selection for assessment Type is Quiz, so you won't need to change that
  6. Add any additional resources 
    (These may be attachments like PDFs or word documents for further reading, or videos)
  7. Click the Questionnaire tab to add questions
  8. Click the "Create Question" button then select which type of question you want to add
  9. Add question details depending on which you've selected
    (Note the additional options such as ability to upload files and add comments)
  10. Click publish once you've entered all the questions
  11. Your new quiz will display in the activity library. To add it to the program, you'll need to create a program module (formerly known as a 'cluster'). This is essentially a section and way to group related activities together.
  12. Drag and drop the activity under the appropriate module
  13. You can preview the quiz by clicking the ellipses (three dot menu) on the activity, then clicking preview button.


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