Each Training Program has it's own unique permission settings. This can be set by Role, User Group or individual user.
User groups can be based on state, brand, equipment on site, and much more. See here for more information on User Groups.

To check or change the permissions on a Training program:

1. Click Training (Learn Central) in your side menu.

2. Click Programs.

3. Click the ellipses (three dot menu) under Actions for the program you want to check/change.

4. Click Edit. 

5. From within the program, click the Permissions tab.

1. Training Access: This determines whether the role, user or user group listed has access to the Training Program.

  • Mandatory (the role/user/user group is required to do it, they are automatically enrolled and have a +1 in their Tasks until completion)
  • Optional (the role/user/user group can enrol into the program, but are not required to complete it)
  • No (the role/user/user group does not have any access to this Program and cannot see it in their options to enrol in)

If a training program is Mandatory for a role/user/user group, those users will receive an enrolment notification immediately when the program is published. 

If the program is already published, then the users will not receive a notification about the enrolment. They will receive a +1 task, and subsequent email reminders at the set frequency (on the details tab). If you want to send users enrolment notifications, then unpublish the program first, add the roles/user groups, then publish the program again.

2. Completion Notification: This is who gets notified when a learner completes a program. For example, you may want completion notifications to go to an area training manager or local store managers so they know when staff have completed certain programs. 
To check or change the notification email templates, click on the Emails tab (immediately below the Permissions tab)

  • Across All Locations (the role/user/user group will receive completion notifications for every user)
  • Users Location(s) (the role/user/user group will receive completion notifications for all users at the same location as them)
  • Users Managed Region(s) (the role/user/user group will receive notifications for all users within the region that they manage. *Must have regions set up for this to work).

3. Advanced Permissions: Located under the lock button, you can set additional permissions for training access. You can choose to filter the permissions down to a workplace or region level. This is not required if you are utilizing User Groups (the preferred method).


Troubleshooting Tip: Users/learners must be given access to the Training module, in order to view the Training (or Learn Central) side menu button, and any programs that are marked as either optional or mandatory. To check those settings, see this tutorial