Observations are used when a manager/supervisor/trainer/etc needs to observe a team member/learner completing a task in person. Examples of common observations are: properly greeting a customer or answering a phone, making a new item on the menu, processing or handling a complaint, proper lifting technique, etc.

To create an observation assessment: 

  1. Under the module you would like to add the observation to, click the plus + button
  2. Click Assessment
  3. Enter the title of your observation
  4. Add any instructions for the learner (eg assessment criteria or expectations)
  5. Change the "Type" drop-down from Quiz to Observation
  6. Add any instructions for the Observer (the person who will be conducting the observation)
  7. Add additional resources if desired (eg videos or documents)
  8. Click Questionnaire on the left side tab navigation
  9. Add all the questions for the observer to answer using the Create Question button
  10. Once complete, click the Observer tab
    Important: Ensure you have added all questions, as you cannot add or remove questions later from this assessment. 
  11. Click Add New and specify who can do the observations, and whether they can do them for everyone or only for certain locations
  12. Check the box if that person/role is REQUIRED to do the observations (ie it's not optional. You may have an optional person as a backup in case the required person isn't available) 
  13. Click Preview and ensure it looks the way you'd like. Make any amendments if required
  14. Click Publish when complete


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