If you don't have SCORM content to use in the Training module, you can create basic content within the platform itself. Basic content for e-learning consists of text with the option for images and videos or other additional resources like PDF files. Basic content does not have quizzes or assessments, those are created as separate activities.

To create a basic e-learning activity:

  1. Add a module to map the activity under if you don't already have one (click Create, then Program Module)
  2. Under the module you want to create the activity, click the Plus + button, then e-learning
  3. Give your activity a title
  4. Add a description (optional)
  5. The default type is Basic Content, so you won't need to switch that
  6. Click the Content tab on the left side menu
  7. Add your content - formatted text, images, tables, etc. (always remember if you are copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document, to paste without carrying over formatting. Alternatively, clean up the formatting beforehand with a tool like wordhtml.com)
  8. Add any additional resources like videos or file uploads
  9. You can now preview the activity to ensure it looks the way you want it to
  10. Click Publish when complete

You can add as many different activities (e-learning or assessments) to a module as you like. To preview the entire program, click Preview from the main activities overview page.