The Op Central training module supports SCORM 1.2 files from any authoring tool, so you can use your favourite! SCORM can help make learning engaging for your team, and has a wide variety of interactive activities, depending on which tool you use. Op Central does not have it's own SCORM authoring feature, and you don't need to have SCORM to use Learn Central! You can create your own native training content by following this tutorial.

To add a SCORM e-learning activity within your program:

  1. Ensure you have the ZIP file exported from your SCORM authoring tool, in SCORM 1.2 format. Other formats are not supported.
  2. Edit the program (or create a new one) that you want to add the activity to.
  3. Create a module if you don't already have one. The activity will be added to the module.
  4. Click the plus button on the module you want to add the activity to, and then click e-learning.
  5. Enter the title.
  6. Enter a description (optional)
  7. Change the drop down menu to SCORM upload.
  8. Click Select file, and choose your ZIP file.
  9. Once you're done, click publish.
  10. The activity will now be mapped to the module. You can now add dependencies (any pre-requisite activities), unlink it from the module (it will stay in the activity library for future use), preview or edit it.
  11. If you want to delete it, you need to do that from the activity library. Simply locate it within there and click the ellipses (three dot menu)

Important Note: Deleting an activity will remove any associated records for it, including learner completion status and historical records. If you no longer require the activity in the program, simply unlink it from the program. 

Troubleshooting tip: If your SCORM file is not marking users as complete at the end, please check your SCORM's "completion trigger or flag". This may be based on a certain quiz score, a certain number of slides viewed, a specific time duration, etc. The "completion trigger or flag" will tell the LMS (Op Central) when to consider the activity as complete, and therefore mark it as so. 
Each SCORM authoring tool differs slightly, but you may find these settings under the headings of "Course Information", "Progress and Completion", "Completion Tracking", "Report Status to LMS" or other similar names.

Pro Tips:

1. There are many SCORM authoring software and tools available, but here are a few that we hear our clients are using! Each one has different features, functions and price points, so it's personal preference which you use.

2. We have an integration with training content provider, Go1! This allows you to seamlessly use Go1's huge library of SCORM e-learning content within your training programs in Op Central. There are 100k+ SCORM activities available in their library that are provided by content creators like Skillsoft and La Trobe University.
Requires a Go1 subscription, please let our Support Team ( know if you are interested in taking a look at this integration.