The content of your manual consists of two parts: the sections and the policies. Sections are the groupings of policies within the manual. 

'Policy' is a general/blanket term, your manual content could be policies, best practices, guidelines, procedures, training videos, how-to guides, general information, etc.

Click here for a tutorial on creating a manual.

  1. Create a Section to map a Policy to, by clicking the "Create" drop down menu and select Section
  2. Add the section title and a description (optional). Examples of sections: Office Admin, Leave & Entitlements, Food Storage, etc.
  3. Click Save and the new Section will display.
  4. To add a policy under a section, click the "Page" icon button. 
  5. This will take you to a new blank policy page. This editor is where you will add your policy content. 
  6. Fill in the title and add the content for your policy. Add rich content if you have it, such as pictures, videos, tables, files and quizzes
  7. To add pictures, tables or hyperlinks, use the buttons on the editor toolbar. 
  8. To add videos & quizzes, click the three dot button to open the menu.    
    For further details on using videos, click here. For a How-To on quizzes, click here
  9. To add a file attachment (similar to attachments on an email) such as a form or PDF, click the Links button and select File. This will open up the File Manager where you select which file you want to attach. Click Finish when done, or Add File to add another one. 
    You can also use a hyperlink in the content to provide users a direct download to the file within the file manager. To get the link for the file, open your file manager in a separate window, right click on the file, then click Share. Click on the "Get Link" button to generate the direct URL to the file. You can then use that to hyperlink in your policy content.
  10. If you want the policy mapped to other sections or a different manual, use the Mapped Sections selector. Users will be able to see all the manuals (just the thumbnails) that the policy lives in, if they have permission to see the policy.
  11. Set your policy Permissions. See the Content Permissions article for more details if you need it.
  12. Click Save as Draft if you save without publishing (to continue editing later),
    Publish and Create New will publish the policy and open a new blank policy under the same section,
    and Publish will publish the content but take you back to the 'table of contents' manual overview. 
  13. Either Publish option will automatically send notifications to anyone marked as mandatory.

You can reorder your policies or add already created policies from your library by dragging and dropping them.

To Edit a Policy, simply click the Edit button on the policy and make your changes. Clicking Publish New Version will save a new version of the policy and send a notification to all mandatory Roles that the policy has been updated and they need to complete sign-off again.

Clicking Update will simply update the policy and not create a new version number nor notify any new mandatory readers.