To upload a file into the File Manager:

  1. Open the folder you want to upload the file in
    or create a new folder if needed by either right clicking on the "Home" folder and clicking Create Folder, or by clicking the Create Folder icon next to Navigation
  2. If you have no files added, there will a "No Files Yet" message with an Upload Files button. If there are files, the upload button is the on the top right hand next to the arrows.
  3. Click on of the upload buttons and select the file you want to upload. You can select multiple by holding down the control key while clicking (command key on an Apple computer). 
  4. Once uploaded, they will now display in the folder and be available to attach to policies.
To view the file details, like how many times it's been downloaded, when it was uploaded and who by, and it's version number, simply click the file and an information menu will display from the right side of the page.