Editing and updating policies when required is quick and easy:

  1. Find the policy that you want to edit and click the edit icon
  2. Make amendments as needed
  3. Click Update if you DO NOT want to send an update, and do not require a new sign-off for mandatory users
  4. Click Publish New Version if you DO want mandatory users to be notified of the change, and do require users to sign-off they have read it.

You can change the order of the policies any time, and also map other policies from other manuals or sections by using the policy library. The policy library is a collection of all the policies in the entire Op Central system, not just the manual you are in. 

Clicking the unlink button on a policy will take it out of the current manual. It will still be in the policy library if you want to put it back. It also does not unlink it from any other manuals it may be in.