To create a brand new program (sometimes also referred to as course) in the Training module:

  1. Click Training (module may be renamed by your company) on the side menu, then click Programs.
    Note: the Programs button will only display if you have the corresponding permissions for each
  2. Click "Create Program"
  3. Enter the Title
  4. Enter a program description (optional - ie what does the program include, what will the learner have achieved by the end, etc)
  5. Add a thumbnail (recommended size 500 by 500 px or 800 by 800)
  6. Select any pre-requisite programs (programs that must be completed before this one can be started)
  7. Choose whether you want to issue a certificate upon program completion. (If this toggle is turned on, once users complete all activities in the program they will receive a certificate of completion. If the toggle is off, the program is considered a continuously evolving program with content being updated/added regularly, therefore no completion certificate is given and the program can be added to at any time.)
  8. If Program Completions is turned on, you are able to edit/change the default completion page message and set a completion page video if desired.
  9. Now click the "Activities" tab to start adding your activities (e-learning and assessments)