You can select your preferred methods of verification for policy sign-offs. Verifications are additional affirmative actions by the users to ensure compliance, beyond just clicking the "I Confirm" button. 

By default, both toggles are "Off". This means that if the policy is Required Reading, users will only have to click one button that says "I Confirm", and no other action is required.

  1. Add a Quiz. The quiz pops up after the "I Confirm" button is clicked. Users must get these questions correct before the confirmation will be complete. If they get any of the questions wrong, they will be directed back to the content to review. You can see the number of attempts a user had on the Reporting page. 
    Available question types are Multiple Choice, Yes/No, or True/False.
    If you are looking for more diverse and comprehensive assessments, take a look at our Learn Central package. 
  2. Sign-Off Confirmation. This will prompt the users to enter their password (or Pin on the app) on a pop-up box displaying this message, after they click "I Confirm" and answer any Quiz questions (if added). This message is designed to be an affirmative "intent to comply" type action, and the default message has wording relating to that.
    You can change that message in the Manuals module settings

Once ready, you can either Update or Publish (if a new policy). Users will immediately and automatically get notified if they have been marked as Required Reading, and will need to complete the required confirmation/verification steps. 


Through the Manuals module (Work Central), only policies marked as "Required Reading" will need to be confirmed and then any additional verification methods you enable. 

Through the Training and Onboarding modules, any policies that are linked into programs are considered Required Reading and follow the same confirmation & verification that has been enabled via the policy settings. You do not need to enable the Required Reading toggle on the policy permissions if you will be having users confirm via Training program or Onboarding program.