When "Required Reading" is turned on for a policy (under Permissions), you can select what type of Verification method/task you want users to complete. Verifications are affirmative actions by the users to ensure compliance. 

By default, both toggles are "Off". This means that users will only have to click one button that says "I Confirm", and no other action is required.

  1. Add a Quiz. Users must get these questions correct before they are able to click the "I Confirm" button. If they get any of the questions wrong, they will be directed back to the content to review. You can see a record of the number of attempts on the Reporting page. 
  2. This will prompt the users to type their password (e-signature) on a pop-up box displaying this message, after they click "I Confirm" and answer any Quiz questions (if added). 

Once ready, you can either Update or Publish (if a new policy). Users will immediately and automatically get notified of this, and need to complete the required verification.