Users are the accounts of everyone logging onto the platform. These will be your franchisees, staff, suppliers, contractors, or whoever else you would want to use it.  

To add a User:

First, the corresponding Workplace and Role needs to be created. See the Workplace Management article and the Roles article if you need help with this. 

  1. Click Admin > Users. 
  2. You will see a list of all the Users on the platform. By default, they are listed by most recently added. 
  3. Click the Create New User button.  
    Note: You can manage Roles by clicking the three dots (ellipses).
  4. Enter the Users details.
  5. From the drop down menus, select their Workplace and Role. The Role will determine their permissions within the platform (ie what they can do/see)
  6. Choose whether you would like to send them an activation email now by using the tick box. By default, this is automatically selected to send immediately. If unticked, you will need to manually send the email at a later time for them to be able to activate and login. 
    Note: You cannot activate another users account. This can only be done by the person who will be using the account.
  7. Click Submit when you are done. This will send an email to the address you entered, with instructions on activating their new account.