Store any type of document or piece of information against a user profile, by creating custom fields. This could range from documents like driver's licenses to first aid certificates; and extra information like membership numbers, bank account or emergency contact details. 

  1. In the side menu, click Admin.
  2. Click User Management (or Users).
  3. In the top right corner, click the three dot drop down menu (ellipses).
  4. Click Manage Custom Fields.
  5. Click Create:
    1. Field (Single): This is one piece of information, such as a secondary contact number or a membership number. 
    2. Field (Group): This is a group of multiple related fields, such as a First Aid certificate (a copy of the certificate AND the renewal date), or Bank Account Details (example below).
  6. If adding Grouped fields, add your Group title first and click Save.
  7. Then, click the "+" button to add your fields to the Group.
  8. Select your Field Type.
  9. Add a Field Name.
  10. Add a tooltip (optional).
  11. For Permissions, toggle on "Restrict Access" (who can View, who can Edit). See this tutorial for details.
  12. If you've added a Date Selector field type, you can set automatic reminder notifications for things like expiry or renewal dates. 
    1. Toggle the Reminder Notifications switch on.
    2. Select when you want the reminder (1 month before, 7 days before, etc). You can only have 1 reminder per date selector field.
    3. Toggle the "Notify User" switch on if you want the user themselves to be notified.
    4. Add additional Notification Recipients. Click the "Add New" button to add Roles, Users or User Groups.
    5. Users will only get notifications of the users they have permission to manage (via their Role settings), and only if they have permission to view that custom field.

    6. Click Submit when you're finished. 
    7. The custom field is now ready to be used, and will display in the user's profile to whoever has permission to view it. 
    8. If you have the Forms module, you can also now link this custom field to a Form field, so that when the form is filled out, the information will be automatically pushed and updated in the user's profile. See this tutorial for more information on Linked System Fields. 



(note: video does not include permission settings, please see this tutorial for that.)