Important Reminder: User accounts are unique by username, not by email/first/last names. If you change a username on any import sheet, it will create a NEW user account when imported. Usernames can only be changed by going into the individual user's profile. 

If you are looking to bulk update existing user information, click here

To bulk import multiple users:

  1. Click Admin > User Management (or just Users).

  2. Click on the ellipses, then Import Users.

  3. Follow the prompts to download the Import Template and Cheat Sheet. Always download a new copy for each import (whenever Roles, Locations, or Custom field data is changed, so will the import requirements).

  4. Fill out the spreadsheet template with help from the Cheat Sheet where needed. These steps are also provided on the Import tool.
  5. You can leave some fields blank to update another time, but some are required for the import. The Cheat Sheet will tell you what must be included. 

  6. Save the spreadsheet template to your computer and click the Import button.

  7. Once you click Import, you will see a confirmation popup. Click Confirm to proceed with the import, or cancel if you wish to make amendments to the spreadsheet before importing.

  8. If successful, you will get a success message; and then a prompt to send the activation emails to the new users.
    - Clicking "Send Activation Emails" will send the emails immediately to all newly added users.
    - You do not have to send the activation emails straight away - you can wait until another time. Just click Do Not Send if you do not want to send them.
    Further details on Activation emails (including troubleshooting) can be found here

  9. If there is an error on the import spreadsheet, you will see an error message on the screen and  will be provided a copy of the error report. This will highlight all the cells with errors in green. The majority of the time it's simply missing information, or that the Brand/Workplace/Role isn't entered exactly the same as what's currently in the system.

  10. Use the Cheat Sheet to help resolve the errors. Save the spreadsheet, and import again. See Step 8 above on successful import. 


To bulk update user information, click here