To bulk import multiple users:

  1. Click Admin > Users.
  2. Instead of clicking on the "Create New User"  button, click on the ellipses, then Import Users.
  3. Always download a new copy for each import (as sometimes the templates change; you'll get an error uploading an old version), by clicking the "Download template" button. Do not do this step if you are only updating currently existing users.
  4. Fill out the spreadsheet. The following fields are mandatory for the upload, and you won't be able to import without them:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Username (This can be whatever you want, it can be changed later)
    4. Email
    5. Workplace (This needs to match exactly what is in Op Central under Admin > Workplaces)
    6. Role (This needs to match exactly what is in Op Central under System Settings > Roles)
    7. Brand (This needs to match exactly what is in Op Central under System Settings > Branding)
  5. All other fields are optional and can be updated or entered another time, either by bulk import again or the users can update their own profiles with the optional info.
  6. Save the spreadsheet template to your computer.
  7. Back on Op Central, select whether you would like to send account activation emails to the users on the import. If you opt not to at the time of import, you can send them at a later date.
  8. Click Import, select your spreadsheet. As soon as you click Import and select your spreadsheet, it will automatically upload straight away. 
  9. You will get a success message if the template imported without error, and then all the new users will display. If you chose to send activation emails, they will be sent out immediately.
  10. If there is an error on the spreadsheet, you will see an error on the screen and the system will download a copy of the error report. This will highlight in green all the errors. Majority of the time it's simply missing information, or that the Brand/Workplace/Role isn't entered exactly the same as what's currently in the system. 
  11. Fix the errors, save the spreadsheet, and import again. 


To bulk update user information:

  1. Click Export Users instead of Import Users. This will download a spreadsheet of all the current users and their data. 
  2. Update the information on that spreadsheet and save it. You cannot change Usernames in bulk. See note below.
  3. Follow the same import instructions above (steps 2 & 8) to immediately update all the information in the system. 

Important Note: User accounts are unique by username, not by email/first/last names. If you change a username on an export/import sheet, it will create a NEW user account. Usernames can only be changed by going into the individual user's profile.