As an Admin, you may have questions from your staff and other platform users on what they can or cannot see/do. To quickly and easily see what they can see, just use the Imitate User function to "login" as them. 

While you are imitating the user, you become them in the platform. You will see and be able to do exactly what they can. This means that the actions you do, actually happen. Eg if you sign off on a policy while imitating them, it will actually sign it off. 

For this reason, the Imitate User function should only be used by very high level system admins.

To have this feature turned on for you, please contact our support team and they will enable it. Until requested, it is turned off by default to avoid accidental mistakes.

There is an imitation log with dates, times and users, each time a user is imitated. This is found under System Settings > Imitation Log (you can only see this log if you have permission to imitate users).


  1. Click your profile avatar/icon, then Imitate User
  2. Click twice in the Please Select field, then start typing the name of the user you want to imitate. 
    Note: You can only imitate accounts that are already activated.
  3. Select the user, then click Imitate.
  4. Your screen will refresh, and then you will be logged in as that person. You will see an orange popup window at the top of the screen showing you are imitating the user.
  5. To stop imitating, you can either click the "Stop Imitating" button in the orange popup, or simply logout.