Each user account needs a location to associate it to. These locations do not have accounts to login with, but are for information, reporting & filtering purposes. Depending on your business, these may be physical stores or offices, remote sites, or territories.

To create a new location:

  1. From the Admin > Location screen, click Create New Location
  2. Enter all the required details and select the Type
    (Location Types article here)
  3. If this location needs to be included in a region, you can add it now or later (or if you have smart regions set up, it will automatically be put into the correct one when created - for more on regions, click here)
  4. Fill out any optional information in the custom fields, if any. This can also be added later if desired. (For a tutorial on custom fields, click here)
  5. Click Submit when done
  6. You can now select the location from the drop-down list when creating a user, and it will automatically display in the Relationship Manager (if you have that module in your package).