Within Workplace management there are two separate sections:

  1. Workplace Type
  2. Workplace Name (location)

Access both these by clicking Admin -> Workplaces


1. Workplace Type

These Types will classify what your locations are. These labels are used as a filter for reporting, sorting & permissions. Depending on your business, you may have many Types, or only 1 or 2. 

To create a new Workplace Type or edit a current one:

  • Click the ellipses (three dot menu) on the Workplaces page and select "Manage Workplace Types". 
  • On the Workplace Customisation page, click Create (or edit a current one from here).
  • Enter the details, then click the  button to save, then Back when you are done adding or editing. You can now set that Type against a Workplace.


Examples of Workplace Types: Office, Restaurant, Bar, Prep Kitchen, Warehouse, Retail Store, Mobile Van, Corporate owned, Franchise, etc.

By default, Op Central comes with Distribution Center, Office, and Retail Store already created. Edit these or delete them and create your own if needed.


2. Workplace Name

This is the location's name and details. You will use these details when assigning Users to their workplaces. 

To create a new Workplace:

  • From the Admin > Workplaces list, click the Create New Workplace button on the right side.
  • Enter in the details and select the Type from the drop down list. 
  • Hit Submit once you're done; the Workplace will now display in the list of Workplaces. You can now use that Workplace to assign/match a User to.

 By default, Op Central comes with your Head Office/Support Office already created. This can be edited, but not deleted.

Deactivating a Workplace keeps all records intact, but means that no Users can be assigned to it. You will be asked to assign a new Workplace to any Users that are in a deactivated Workplace.



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