A region is a grouping of locations/workplaces, commonly used by zone or area managers and field officers (or any other person who looks after a particular set of locations). 

These regions are used to define permissions across the platform in various places, like for audit submissions and a wide variety of reporting.

Basic regions are groupings of locations that you manually add to/change as needed.

Smart regions are groupings of locations that are automatically added to by setting up specific filtering. This filtering can be based on any piece of information about a location, such as state, or any advanced custom field. (More on custom fields here).


  1. Create or edit your regions by clicking Admin > Workplaces, then "Manage Regions" under the three dot menu.
  2. Click "Create", then choose whether this is a basic or smart region.
  3. If basic, simply give a name for your region and select which locations are included, then click the check-mark to save it.
  4. If a Smart region, add the name, then set up your filtering variables. You can add as many variables as you like, some regions may only have one (such as state), or some may have multiple (eg.  state plus type of food served). The preview will show you what locations will be included in that region based on your variables.

Once a smart region has been created, you can view which locations are listed under that region by going back to the Manage Regions page. 


Click here for a tutorial on how to assign regions to a user.