Deactivating a Location keeps all records stored permanently in the system, but means that no Users can be assigned to it and it does not display throughout the system. You can re-activate a deactivated location any time in the future, and all associated records will be retained.

Deleting a Location will completely eliminate ALL records, information and data out of the system. We strongly recommend you do not delete Locations unless absolutely necessary, and choose to Deactivate instead. 

To Deactivate a Location:

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Location Management
  3. Tick the box next to the Location Name
  4. Click the "Actions" button that appears next to the Create New Location button.
    Note: The Actions button will only appear once a box has been ticked.
  5. Select the appropriate option.
    Reminder: do not delete unless you are 100% sure you will never need any of the records in the future. It will remove all traces of the Location from the system, including custom field information, reporting, activity, etc
  6. If there are any users linked to the Location, the system will display a pop up prompt. Select which option you would like for the relevant users. 
  7. If there are no users, or once you have selected what to do with any relevant linked users, the system will display a confirmation pop-up. 
  8. Select Confirm if you are certain you want to Deactivate or Delete.

Once a Location has been Deactivated, it will appear in another tab under the Location Management page called "Inactive". You can reactivate it by follow the same steps as above, but in step 5, select Activate Location.