Op Central is proud to announce the official release of our new AI powered tools - called AI Writer! These tools have been tested by some selected clients (thank you all!) and are now ready to be utilised by the entire network.


The AI tools can reduce your content creation time by countless hours, and cover a range of functions in Op Central:

  1. Context-aware policies and SOPs writer (Work Central)- available now!
  2. Policy/SOP verification quiz question creator (Work Central) - available now!
  3. E-learning creator (Learn Central) - available now!
  4. Training assessment quiz creator (Learn Central) - Launching 25th July 2024!
  5. Content rephrasing - Launching 25th July 2024!
  6. Chatbot-style Q&A tool (for reporting & searching) - In Development! 
  7. Form & Audit builders (Audit Central) - Coming Soon

The Subscription:

These valuable time saving tools are included with any package!

The subscription can be set up by an Admin user (or another approved user). You can unsubscribe at any time. The content you have created will remain in your platform, however no new AI content can be created after the subscription is cancelled. You can resubscribe at any time.

Follow this tutorial to set up your AI Writer tools.

About your data:

All your data and intellectual property is retained within your own Op Central portal, and does not "teach" the AI database - so rest assured, your intellectual property and sensitive content is safe.

Features for the Future:

  1. Summarise form and audit submissions
  2. Transcribe SOP's from video instructions 
  3. Review existing policies for improvements
  4. And more in the future, as AI technology continues to evolve.