Video is a great way to communicate a message, to train staff, demonstrate best practices, and keep staff engaged. Videos can be embedded within Op Central in a variety of different places, eg: Policies (Work Central/Manuals), e-learning activities (Learn Central/Training), on the Dashboard, and in News articles. 

Op Central supports three different methods of embedding video in your content: Direct Upload, YouTube, and Vimeo.

We highly recommend the use of Vimeo or YouTube instead of a direct MP4 upload; these are the best premium video delivery services in the world and deliver video content to your users better than anyone else.

To add a video:

  1. Switch the Video toggle to "On" within a policy or article. This toggle is usually below the "content" area.

    or select Additional Resources if adding to an e-learning activity. This toggle is usually below the "content" area.

  2. Select how you want to embed the video.

    - Upload Video: Simply select the video file from your local device storage. The file must be in Mp4 format and less than 200MB.

    - YouTube video: Click here.

    - Vimeo video: Click here.


  3. Add a title and description (optional), then click Submit when done. This will embed the video into the content you are publishing. 


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