Video is a great way to communicate a message, to train staff, demonstrate best practices, and keep staff engaged. 

We support three different methods of using video in your content.

To add a video:

  1. Click the Video toggle within a policy/article, or select Additional Resources if adding to an e-learning activity. 
  2. Upload your video.
    - Local/native upload: This comes with a size limit of 25mb and is very straight forward. Simply upload your MP4 file and you’re all set.

    - Youtube: Upload your video to Youtube as Unlisted (you can select public if you don't mind the general public seeing the video; Private videos do not work in Op Central though), ensure the "Allow Embedding" box is ticked (none others need to be - see reference image below). Open the uploaded video and copy the full URL (not the embed code), then paste the video URL in the provided field in Op Central.

    - Vimeo: Upload your video, set the “Where can this video be embedded?” setting to “Anywhere”. The privacy setting of who can watch this video can be set to any setting you prefer. Then you’ll need to open the Distribution tab then Video File Links and copy the highest resolution link from that area. Paste this link in the field provided in Op Central.

    We highly recommend the use of Vimeo or YouTube over an MP4 upload, simply because these are the best premium video delivery services in the world and deliver video content to your users better than anyone else.


  3. Add a title and description (optional), then click Submit when done. This will add the video to the policy content. 
  4. If updating a previously published policy, clicking Update will NOT send a notification nor require any Roles marked mandatory to complete another sign off. To send notification and require re-confirmation, click Publish New Version
  5. Any mandatory Roles will be required to watch the video before completing the sign-off, and cannot skip through. Accessible Roles will be able to watch the video but are not required, and can skip through if they wish.

 Note: Only one video can be attached to a policy.




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