When adding content that was originally created in a document processing software like Microsoft Office (Word or Excel) or Apple Pages, we strongly recommend either pasting into Op Central without formatting (cntrl+shift+V on PC) or converting it to HTML first before pasting to avoid formatting incompatibilities.

Certain Microsoft Office/Apple Pages formatting like table sizes, anchor points, margins, custom fonts and colours, are not compatible with web browsers; and if pasted into Op Central, it will result in inconsistency and formatting issues on the webpage when viewing your content. 

Converting the content to web-ready HTML is easy, using the https://wordhtml.com conversion tool. 

Note: Op Central did not design this tool, nor do we have any affiliation with them. 

  1. Copy all your text content in your MS Word document (pictures still need to be uploaded via the File Manager), including any tables
  2. Go to https://wordhtml.com (open this in a new tab to your Op Central site)
  3. Under the "Word Editor" tab, paste all your content in. You will see any non-HTML readable formatting disappear, and plain text take it's place automatically
  4. Click the "HTML" tab
  5. Click the "Clean" button
  6. Copy all the content in that window (you will see HTML tags like < li > and < table >  depending on your content. You'll need all those)
  7. In Op Central on your policy creation page, click on the "source code" button on the far right of the editor toolbar
  8. Paste the HTML content there, then click OK.
  9. Because this is a free tool that we did not build, there is occasionally an advertising sentence added to the very last line of the copied content. Check to ensure there is none on yours, and if there is, simply backspace/delete it.
  10. Continue creating the rest of your policy (or whatever type of content it is!) as normal, adding pictures, quizzes, videos, setting permissions, etc.