Linked fields within a form will update the information/field they are linked to. Linked fields correlate to fields already created the system, either a workplace field or a user field (system & custom). If you need to manage the system or custom fields, click here for a guide. 

These fields can be used when requesting users update information on their profiles, like certificates or addresses, etc; or if a manager or franchisee needs to update a workplace's details. This feature is also commonly used in forms within Onboarding programs, for information like emergency contact details. 

To link a form field to a system or custom field:

  1. Click edit on the form you want to add the field to
  2. Click the Form Fields tab
  3. Click Add Field in the right corner
  4. Under the ellipses (three dot menu), click link to system field
  5. Select whether it's a user or workplace field
  6. Select which field you want this to link to
  7. Edit the field name and add a tooltip if desired
  8. Choose if this field is mandatory to fill out on the form (Required)
  9. Click submit when done
  10. It will now show up in the fields list with a link icon
  11. Click the Submissions Table tab and toggle it off if you don't want to see it on the submissions table
  12. Ensure permissions are correct
  13. Click Publish (if new form) or Update (if editing an existing form)

Now when a user fills out the form, it will automatically update the linked information in their profile or the selected location profile. 

Troubleshooting/Tips: The user must have permission to edit the fields that they are filling out, or else the  information will not to push to their profile or location. If they do not have permission to edit the linked field, then they will receive a popup to let them know that their form was submitted, but some fields were not updated. This is not an error, it is simply a notice to let them know what to expect.
The data for those linked fields will only reside within the form submission, not their profile/location. You can set the permissions on a custom fields using this tutorial

Details in a user profile cannot be edited via a Form by another user. For example: A Manager cannot submit a Personal Details Update Form for a Team Member, and update the Team Member's details. Only the user themself can edit their profile fields via a Form. If a Manager needs to edit a user profile details, they must click on Admin > User Management, and edit the profile that way. 



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