Linked fields within a form will update whichever information they are linked to. Linked fields correlate to fields already within the system, either a workplace field or a user field. 

This can be used when requesting team members to update information on their profiles, like certificates or addresses, etc; or similarly if a manager or franchisee needs to update a workplace's details. 

To link a form field to a system field:

  1. Click edit on the form you want to add the field to
  2. Click the Form Fields tab
  3. Click Add Field in the right corner
  4. Under the ellipses (three dot menu), click link to system field
  5. Select whether it's a user or workplace field
  6. Select which field you want this to link to
  7. Edit the field name and add a tooltip if desired
  8. Choose if this field is mandatory to fill out on the form (Required)
  9. Click submit when done
  10. It will now show up in the fields list with a link icon
  11. Click the Submissions Table tab and toggle it off if you don't want to see it on the submissions table
  12. Ensure permissions are correct
  13. Click Publish (if new form) or Update (if editing an existing form)

Now when a user fills out the form, it will automatically update the linked information.