Note: The Shout Outs widget is optional and not added to your dashboard automatically. If you would like the widget added, please get in touch with our support team and let us know where you'd like it.

Give your team a shout out, either for Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, or any other date-based data against User's profiles, using the Shout Outs widget! 

The widget will display a running list of whichever dates/data you set it to, automatically. For example, if you choose to display birthdays, then it will show an ongoing list of user birthdays. 

The user birthdate, hired date, etc, are all optional fields when adding a user. If there is no data stored in these fields in a user's profile, then they will not appear in the dashboard widget. Click here for a tutorial on editing an individual user or updating user info in bulk

Use the three dot drop down menu (ellipses) on the widget to manage the settings.

  • Widget Title: Choose what you want the widget to be called & display as.
  • Widget Sub-title: This text displays under the widget title on the dashboard.
  • 1 User Date Field: Choose which data you want to display (eg date of birth, hired date, etc).
  • 2 Date Display Label: This text displays before the date, underneath the user's name & location.
  • 3 Date Display Format: Choose if you would like the date to have the year, or hide it completely, under the user's name & location.
  • 4 Highlight Panel: Choose what you want to display in the coloured panel next to the user's name.
  • 5 Highlight Panel Colour: Choose whether you want the primary or secondary colour.
  • 6 Allow Likes: Allows other users to "like" the event.
  • 7 Allow Comments: Allows other users to make comments on the event. Users need to be tagged using an "@" then their name, otherwise they will not be notified of a comment.
  • Live Preview: Used to preview your changes as you make them.