To Edit a User:

  1. Click Admin > Users to access the list of user accounts.
  2. For whichever user you'd like to edit, click the View User button under the Actions column
  3. Click Edit Profile Details below their photo/avatar
  4. Change or add details as needed (address, workplace, brand, etc), then click Submit

Use the ellipses (three dots) under the Actions column to Archive, Delete,  or Re-send their activation email if they've lost it. 


Archiving a User means their all their records are kept, but they are not active and not able to log in to the platform. If you have any archived Users, they will display under an additional tab called Archived (next to Active). You can unarchive/reactivate a User from the Archive tab. 


IMPORTANT: If you delete a User, it will eliminate their records. This includes policy sign-offs, survey responses, etc. They will be eliminated from the platform along with ALL their associated records! Do not delete users unless the accounts have been created in error or created but never used.