All your operations manuals can be found by clicking Operations Manuals from the side menu.

Note: The name of your Operations Manuals module may be different, since your company can set it to whatever they choose. It may be called Resources, Guidelines, The Hub, Manuals, Handbooks, etc.

  1. View. Hovering your cursor (or tapping the screen if you're on a tablet) over the manual image will display the view button. 
  2. Edit (admin). Hovering your cursor (or tapping the screen if you're on a tablet) over the manual image will display the edit button. Click that to edit policies and order/table of contents.
  3. Delete (admin). This will delete the manual. You also have the option to delete all policies within that manual. 
    IMPORTANT: If you tick the box to delete all policies, they will also disappear from everywhere else they are mapped to. This will permanently delete all the policies, their versions, and their associated sign-off records. This is unrecoverable and irreversible. 
    If you do not delete them, you can find them in the "All Policies" section (see 6 below), or from within the Policy Library. 
  4. Create a new manual. This will create a brand new, blank manual. Click here to learn how to create a manual. 
  5. Resource library. This directs you to the File Manager where you can manage attachments (images, PDFs, etc). Click here for more information on the File Manager.
  6. Other functions. Clicking the ellipses will display the following options: 
    • All Policies: This will display all the policies you have permission to see, in alphabetical order. If you are an admin,  you can also change the permissions of selected policies in a bulk action. Click here for more information on the All Policies page.
    • Manage Drafts: If you haven't published a policy, this is where you find it.
    • Manage Tags: Create/edit/delete tags you use on policies. (Note: these are only needed when you don't have any text content on a policy, therefore are not commonly used)
    • Manage Order: Change the which order the manual thumbnails/tiles display in.
    • Manage Widgets: Change which reporting widgets display in the Operations Manual reporting screen.
    • Settings: This takes you to the Operations Manual module settings. Click here for more information on Module Settings





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