Every user in the system must be linked to a Location. Depending on your business, your Locations may have physical addresses, such as retail stores, gyms or offices; or you may have "zone" based Locations where a certain geographical area or suburb is considered the business "location". 

Depending on your business, you may have many users linked to one location (E.g: 1 Franchisee/Owner, 2 Café Managers, and 15 Baristas), or you may only have one user linked to the location (E.g: When a Franchisee/Owner is the only person who "works" at that location).

To view or edit the list of Locations:

  • Click Admin
  • Click Location Management
  1. Location Name
  2. Location Type

1. Location Name

This is the location's name. You will use this name when assigning Users to their respective locations, and this name is visible to other users in various places throughout the system.

Location names must be unique, two locations cannot share the exact same name. This also includes locations that are deactivated. 

By default, Op Central comes with your Head Office/Support Office already created. This can be edited, but not deleted.

2. Location Type

These Types will classify what your locations are. These labels are used in to filter some reporting, sort data, and in some cases to set permissions. Depending on your business, you may have many Types, or only 2 or 3.

Examples of Location Types: Office, Restaurant, Bar, Prep Kitchen, Warehouse, Retail Store, Venue, Studio, Mobile Van, Corporate owned, Franchised, Regional Store vs Metro Store, Large Service vs Small Service, etc 

By default, Op Central comes with Office, and Store/Restaurant/Studio already created. Edit and create new as needed.


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