The interactive Dashboard is your hub for exciting and engaging content like News Articles, Quick Links, and Events. This is where everyone who logs on to the platform will hit first, and like the saying goes, first impressions count! 

Admins: If you would like a different layout for your dashboard and/or the widgets, please let Op Central Support know and we can assist.  

  1. The Knowledge Base. Clicking this will display the entire Knowledge Base full of help articles and tutorials (like this one!).
  2. Search bar. Use this to search for anything across the entire platform. It will search for your word or phrase and display all results found on a separate page. Search results are ordered by most recently updated at the top.
  3. Shopping Cart. This is where you view and place the order for any items put in your cart. You will only see this button if you have the Purchasing module.
  4. Tasks. Any tasks requiring your action, such as policy sign-offs or open tickets, will show up here. Tasks will only clear when the required action is completed. 
  5. Notifications: Notifies you of new content such as news articles or discussion forum mentions. These notifications do not require any action and can be marked 'read' as you wish.
  6. Your Profile Icon/Avatar. Click here to access your personal profile where you can change your details, picture, etc. Depending on your permissions, the icon is also where you access System Settings, Billing details, and Op Central platform update notes.
  7. Quick Links (admin). Click the ellipses to create/edit/delete quick links.
  8. Events module. Clicking the out "arrow" button will open the full calendar view. 
  9. Events (subscribe). If you want to receive updates on a specific event, ie if the date changes, click the "star" button to subscribe.
  10. Side Menu: This is where you navigate around the platform through the different modules.  What you see in this list depends on your permission/access.