Keep important events, activities and date reminders front and center by using the built-in calendar module. This module is accessed from the Dashboard widget, which displays the next 5 upcoming events. 


To create a new event:

  1. Click the "View Calendar" button
  2. Click the date you want to create the entry on (or simply the "Create Event" button, then change the date within the pop-up)
  3. Add a title. This is what displays on the dashboard widget
  4. Ensure your start and end dates & times are correct
  5. Enter the optional additional information such as description, URL, location, attachments
  6. Choose which colour you would like it to display as on the calendar
  7. Set the permissions. By default, events are public which means anyone with permission to see the module will see the event
    If Private, only the selected roles will be able to see the event on the calendar

Each new event will create an in-platform notification to relevant users to let them know a new event has been added. No email is sent.


Users then have the ability to subscribe to an event if they want to, which means they will be notified of any changes to the details. This notification does send an email when they are subscribed.

You can access a list of all users subscribed to an event by:

  1. Clicking on the relevant event (either from the dashboard or the calendar view)
  2. Click the ellipses
  3. Select Export Event Subscribers
  4. Open the downloaded CSV


Module Settings & Email Template

To change the permissions for the module (who can see or manage the calendar/events), change the name or edit the default email templates:

  1. Click your profile icon/avatar
  2. Select "System Settings"
  3. Under Module Settings, select Events
  4. Adjust settings as needed and click save