Keep important events, activities and date reminders front and center by using the built-in calendar module. This module is accessed from the Dashboard widget, which displays the next 5 upcoming events.

Click here for help on creating/editing an event.

Users have the ability to subscribe to an event if they want to, which will send them an email with all the event details along with a .ICS file that they can add to their personal calendars. .ICS files work with any calendar (eg Google, Outlook, Apple, etc). They will also receive a notification if any changes are made to the details of the event. No other email notifications are sent from this module.

As an admin, you can access a list of all users who are subscribed to an event by:

  1. Clicking on the relevant event (either from the dashboard or the calendar view)
  2. Click the ellipses
  3. Select Export Event Subscribers
  4. Open the downloaded CSV


Module Settings & Email Template

To change the permissions for the module (who can see or manage the calendar), rename the widget or edit the default email templates:

  1. Click your profile icon/avatar in the right hand corner
  2. Select "System Settings"
  3. Under Module Settings, select Events
  4. Adjust settings as needed and click save