The "Content" dashboard widget has three Type options: Video, iFrame and Rich Content. One widget can have one Type applied, and up to three separate content widgets are available to add to your dashboard. 

For example, you could have one iFrame, one GIF with some coloured text, and one embedded video, all in separate widgets; but you cannot have an embedded video and a GIF in the same widget. 

Video widget
(This is the default widget type)

  1. Add a title for your video widget
  2. Select Video as the content type
  3. Choose your video type (upload, YouTube or Vimeo)
  4. Add your video by either uploading or adding the relevant reference URL 
  5. Click Save and your video will appear on the dashboard

Tip 1: If your video does not display, chances are you have added the incorrect reference URL. For guidance on what URL you need, please click here for YouTube and here for Vimeo.

Tip 2: The video widget is a fixed height and cannot be changed.


iFrame widget
(This is an advanced widget type that should only be used if you're familiar with HTML)

  1. Add a title for your iFrame widget
  2. Select iFrame as the content type
  3. Add your iFrame code
  4. Click Save and your iFrame will appear on the dashboard 

Tip 1: You can use the iFrame tag provided below. Replace "" with your website address, being careful not to change anything else in the code. Any spaces or removal of symbols in the code will render it invalid and it won't work.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="850" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If you would like the widget to be taller or shorter, change the "height="850" to whatever you prefer. We do not recommend changing the width because 100% is a responsive size. Percentages do not work for height. 

Tip 2: iFrame widgets look best in a larger widget size, so we recommend having them on the left side of the dashboard instead of the right. If you would like your dashboard configuration changed, please reach out to our team at

Tip 3: Any website you are using in the iFrame needs to meet certain criteria:

  • Embedding in external sites permitted
  • Mobile responsive/friendly
  • Secure site (https, not http)
  • Cannot be a private page

If you see an error that looks like the one below, it means that website cannot be iframe'd; Op Central cannot force an iFrame or override it. You could opt to change the widget to "Rich Content" and use a hyperlink to the website instead.


Rich Content

Rich Content is a term used to describe the editor toolbar with content field, that you see used everywhere across the Op Central platform. 

You can add a vast variety of different things in this widget type, such as images, GIFs, hyperlinks (to text or images), formatted text like bulletpoint lists, font sizes & colours, tables, etc.

  1. Add a title for your Rich Content widget
  2. Select Rich Content as the content type
  3. Add your content
  4. Click Save and your content will appear on the dashboard 

If you're proficient with HTML, you can also add your own HTML tags and styling by clicking the <>  "Source Code" button! Note: not all HTML formatting is compatible with every device, such as iPads. 

Tip 1: You can have as much or as little in this widget as you like, the widget will expand to accommodate what you add in. 

Tip 2: Users can click on any image in the widget and view the full original size.