Assignee (you have been assigned an action item)

When there's been an action plan / item (via an Audit) assigned to you, it will appear in your task list until completed, and you will also receive an email notification. You can also access action item tasks (as well as any other outstanding tasks) via the dashboard widget*.

You can set reminders for your action items, mark them as complete, export to PDF, and add comments to them. If you need help with an action item, you can tag users (using the @ sign) in the comments and they will be notified that you have tagged them.

If a reminder is set, the system will send you an automated email reminder on the day. Only one reminder date can be set at a time; you can change the reminder date whenever you like. 

When you mark an action item as complete, the person who created the action item will receive an email notification to let them know you have completed it. They can reverse the completion if they need to for any reason; you will be notified again if that happens. 

Assigner/Auditor/Admin (you are assigning the action items)

As an Admin, or other user with reporting permissions, you can see all the Action Items both outstanding and completed, in the Reporting section.

Action Items are assigned by the user submitting the audit. An "Add to Action Plan" button will appear for each question. 


  • 1 action item can be assigned per audit question
  • Action items can be assigned to multiple users. Once an action item has been marked as complete by one assignee, then the task will be completed for all assignees. 
  • Admins (or users with the permission to "Edit Submissions" can change these assignees, if needed. You will need to edit the action item to change the assignee(s).
  • By default, the dashboard task list widget is disabled. Please let an Op Central support specialist know if you would like to have it added to your dashboard.



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