Users who can make submissions on audits will recieve an in-platform notification. This means they can submit that particular audit but are not necessarily required to do so.

If you have received a notification but aren't sure if you are meant to submit the audit, please contact your platform adminstrator for clarification. 

Note: Major changes to the Auditing module are in development, and these tutorials will be updated with the launch of the updates.

  1. Along the side menu, click Auditing then Workplace Audits
  2. If you have no submissions made previously, you will see the "Submit New" button. If you have previously made submissions, you will see them listed here. 
  3. Click Submit New to start a new submission.
  4. Select which workplace you are completing the audit on, which audit you are completing, and then read and confirm you understand the instructions. The submission date will automatically populate (but you can change this if you completed the audit earlier and are now doing the submission.)
  5. Answer the audit questions, remembering to add comments or files where needed.
  6. Important: Review your answers at the end before hitting submit. Once you click submit, you cannot change or take back the submission.