If you have permission to view audit submissions other than your own ("reporting"), you access those submissions by:

  1. Clicking the Reporting tab in the side menu
  2. Clicking Location Audits (note: this may be called something else if your company has re-named the Audits module)
  3. The page will then display a graph widget of overall percentages/scores, as well as the list of all submissions you have permission to view in the second bottom widget. 
  4. You can switch between viewing the submissions, and the Action Items (if any), by clicking the associated tabs in the list (#4 below)

Tip: The submission list will only display completed submissions, not any "In Progress" or Outstanding submissions. 

There are some filtering and options available on the screen, refer to the screenshot below for details. 

  1. Graph Style
    1. Basic reporting shows overall scores for the selected questionnaire and selected date range
    2. Detailed reporting shows scores for each individual question group for the questionnaire and date range selected
  2. Select which questionnaire you want to view (by default, All is selected)
  3. Select the date range for submissions (by default, All is selected)
  4. View assigned Action Plan Items
  5. Export the list of all submissions (including questions and answers) for the selected time period
  6. View a the details of a single submission


Tip: When you view the Location Audits > Completed tab, that page is only for your own submissions. If you would like to see other users submissions, follow the steps above to go to the Reporting page.

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