The User Profile is where all information about the user is stored. This includes basic information such as email address, username, role and location; and can also include optional additional information, Custom Fields (sometimes known as attributes) such as bank account details, driver's licenses, preferred working hours, and education certificates. 

See this tutorial on creating new custom fields.

To view/edit a user profile:

  1. In the side menu, click Admin then User Management.

  2. Click the "View User" icon on the right side under Actions.

  3. All the user information will be here.
    To edit it, click the three dot drop down menu (ellipses) on the left widget.

    Additional Details and Custom Fields display at the bottom of the page.
  1. Activity Log: View the User's activity.
    Tip: See the bottom of this article for what can be viewed in the activity log.
  2. Operations Manuals: View the reporting on read & unread policies.
  3. Training: View the user's enrolled Training Programs and reporting.
  4. Performance Reviews: View any Performance Reviews they have had completed on them.
  5. File Manager: Export a log of what the user has downloaded from the File Manager. 

    Note: You may not have all these options, depending on the package you have with Op Central.

  6. Export all the user's data (Basic, Additional and Custom Fields) by clicking the ellipses on the right hand widget, then Export.


The user activity log tracks and records user actions across the platform. The below list indicates what you can view for user activity.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every possible action/activity a user could do, only what the platform currently tracks. 


  • Profile Updated (User's own or another users)
  • User created
  • User removed
  • User archived
  • User moved (between locations)
  • Location created
  • Location removed
  • Location archived
  • Location unarchived
  • Location updated

Policies (Work Central)

  • Policy read
  • Policy updated 
  • Policy deleted 

News (Dashboard)

  • Article read
  • Article published 
  • Article archived 
  • Article deleted 
  • Article updated 

Locations Audits (Audit Central)

  • Audit submitted

Staff Surveys & Performance Reviews (People Central)

  • Survey submitted
  • Review submitted

Forms (People/Audit Central) 

  • Form submitted
  • Form published
  • Form archived

Training (Learn Central)

  • Enrolled into Program
  • Activity completed
  • Program completed
  • Observation completed
  • Assessment completed
  • Program published 
  • Program archived
  • Program deleted 
  • Program updated 
  • Activity published 
  • Activity updated 
  • Activity deleted 

Discussion Forums (People Central)

  • Forum created
  • Discussion created
  • Forum followed
  • Discussion followed
  • Posted in discussion
  • Replied to a post 
  • Liked post

Recruiting (People Central)

  • Job published
  • Job archived

Support Desk (Module No longer available)

  • Ticket created
  • Ticket updated
  • Replied to a ticket

Purchasing (Module No longer available)

  • Product ordered