System field permissions allow you to restrict who can make changes to basic system fields. This applies for both location, and user system fields.

To manage the System fields for either a location or user:
(note the tutorial below displays locations, however it is the exact same process for users)

  1. Click Admin > Location Management (or User Management)
  2. Click the ellipses > Manage Location/User System Fields

  3. Click the Edit button on the field you want to change

  4. To set permissions on who can edit this field, switch the "Restrict Access" toggle on.
  5. This will then display a new drop down:
    • Can Edit: Roles or Users that are given access (via the Add New button) will have permission to edit the contents of this custom field (as well as view). They can only edit the contents of the users that they have permission to Manage, which is determined in their Role settings. 

  6. To set notifications when this field is changed/updated, switch the "Update Notifications" toggle on. This will then send a notification when the field is updated, to the selected role/user/user group.

  7. If you do not want to be notified of updates to this field when it is updated via a form submission, toggle the switch "Disable Updates from Forms" on. 

  8. The Date of Birth and Hired Date fields can accommodate reoccurring reminders; simply switch on the toggle for Reminder Notifications and select who should be notified in the section below.


Important notes:

  • The "Can View" permissions for System Fields cannot be changed.
  • The Name/title of System Fields cannot be changed.