New Feature: Dashboard - Content Widget
(Included in all Suites)

There is a new "Content" widget that can be added to your dashboard!

The "Content" dashboard widget has three Type options: Video, iFrame and Rich Content. One widget can have one Type applied, and up to three separate content widgets are available to add to your dashboard. 

For example, you could have one iFrame, one GIF with some coloured text, and one embedded video, all in separate widgets; but you cannot have an embedded video and a GIF in the same widget. 

Click here for the full tutorial on the Content Widget.

Example below: The content widget has been added to the right side of the dashboard, next to the News article list. It has been set to type "Rich Content", and has been titled "Open Positions at Sushi Shack". There is a short blurb with a hyperlink to the Job Board. 


Improved Function: Branding - Header Banner sizing
(Included in all Suites)

Gone are the days of struggling with getting the perfect sizing for your header banner! The ratio for the header image has now been fixed at 10:1, meaning as long as your uploaded image meets that size ratio, then it will not be cropped or stretched to accommodate the screen size. 

Minimum recommended size is 2000px by 200px; however any larger image will work just as well as long as it keeps to the 10:1 ratio. Eg 4000px by 400px, 7000px by 700px. 


New Feature: News - Restrict Copying Content
(Included in all Suites)

Restrict users from highlighting information on the screen & clicking copy. This helps to keep your intellectual property secure. The new setting is found within the News module settings (System Settings > News)

When this is enabled and users try to highlight, nothing will happen. If they try to right click, they will see an error popup letting them know that it's prohibited on that page.


New Feature: Directory - Location Directory
(Included in all Suites)

The formerly named Staff Directory has now been renamed to simply "Directory", and now features a  Location Directory. Note: If you had renamed your Staff Directory before this update, then your module name would not have changed with this update. 

By default, the Location Directory is not enabled for any users except Admins. If you would like to give other users access to the Location Directory, you can do so via the Role or Module settings:


New Function: Roles/Users - Inherit Content Permissions
(Included in all Suites)

When cloning a Role, you can now choose to inherit the content permissions as well as the module permissions that are cloned. Previously, content permissions did NOT inherit and needed to be set separately after cloning. 

There is a tick box within the popup when you clone that asks if you would like to inherit the content permissions for the cloned role. This will inherit ALL PERMISSONS, including any required reading for policies and news articles, any mandatory training programs, required audits, etc. 


Improved Function: Manuals/Policies - Delete & Clone drafts
(Work Central)

You now have the ability to clone and delete drafts of policies (found under the "Manage Drafts" page).

This new feature of drafts is very handy if you would like to have templates for your policies, to keep  consistent for the content within your manuals. Simply create your templates and save as drafts, then click clone when you would like to use the template! 


Improved Feature: Manuals/Policies - Preview File
(Work Central)

From within a policy, Users can now preview images files and PDFs instead of needing to download them first. Clicking on the linked attachment then the eye (preview) button, will display the image or PDF in a popup window within platform. 

Note: previews are not compatible with hyperlinks to files within the file manager. Previews are only compatible with attachments that have been directly linked (via the paperclip button). 


Improved Feature: Recruiting - New applicants column
(People Central)

Your HR Managers, recruiters, managers or franchisees can now quickly see at a glance how many new applicants have applied to a job. A candidate is considered a "new applicant" if their candidate profile has not moved from the "applied" stage. 


New Feature: Discussion Forums - Embedding a Video
(People Central)

Have a video you want to share with a discussion thread? Easily done now with the new embedding feature. You can either upload the video from your device storage (must be less than 200mb and an mp4 file), or link one from YouTube or Vimeo using the integration. 

Readers will be able to watch the video within the discussion thread, without needing to download a file or exit out to YouTube/Vimeo. 


New Feature: Various modules - Emoji Support
(Dashboard, People Central)

Bring some personality into your comments and posts by using emojis! The following areas of the platform now support the use of emojis:

- Discussion Forums (People Central)
- Social Timeline (dashboard)
- Anywhere you can comment; eg on an audit or form submission, or on a news article. 

To display the emoji keyboard built into your device:

Windows - Press and hold the windows key and the full stop (.) at the same time.
Mac/Apple - Press and hold Control+Command+Space. For more info on using emojis on Mac, click here.


New Feature: Training - Manual Workshop Registration
(Learn Central)

Admins (or other users with the appropriate permission) can now manually register other users for workshop sessions. Previously, only the user themselves could register for a workshop session.

This option can be found when viewing the attendees for a session.


New Feature: Training - Program Categories
(Learn Central)

For users with the ability to Manage training programs, you can now create and assign categories to your programs. This helps with ongoing sorting and maintenance. 

Later in 2022, end-users (learners) will be able to search by these categories as well. 


Improved Function: Training - Reminder Frequency
(Learn Central)

Have a training program that you would like a separate reminder frequency than what is set in the module settings? Now you can set each program with it's own individual reminder. These reminders  are in addition to the general/overall program reminder that can be set within the module settings for Learn Central/Training. 

This means that if your general Training module reminder is set to every 7 days, and a program reminder is set to every 2 days, that a learner will receive two reminder emails from the Training module until the program is completed. 

This new option can be set within the program details page while editing. 


New Feature: Training - Advanced (Time Based) Dependencies
(Learn Central)

Training Programs now have the ability to unlock only after a certain period of time has elapsed. This is handy when you have more than one program relating to each other, like Induction programs, but don't want to give a learner access to all the content within the programs as soon as the pre-requisite is complete. 

There are two options for time required to elapse:
- By time of user creation
- By time of pre-requisite program completion

The learner/user will see a locked indicator on the program, with a message letting them know what date/time the program will unlock. 

For example: if you have 3 Induction programs for a new employee, you could set the time-based unlock in this manner:

- Induction program 1 is available straight away, no dependencies or pre-requisites.
- Induction program 2 is available 14 days after the user is created, and only unlocks after program 1 is complete.
- Induction program 3 is available 21 days after the user is created, and only unlocks after program 2 is complete.


New Feature: Forms - Thank You message
(People & Audit Central)

Add a Thank You message at the end of your form to show confirmation of a submission. This displays as a popup to the user once they click the Submit button to make their form submission.

The new feature appears as a toggle option at the bottom of the details page while editing the form.

Note: this popup is compatible with plain text only, no formatting such as bold, lists or hyperlinks can be added.


Improved Function: Forms - Collapse View
(People & Audit Central)

Admins can now choose to set the default view for the Forms list; similar to the table of contents in Manuals (Work Central). The collapsed default view is useful when there are a lot of form options under well defined categories.

The new setting can be found within the Forms module settings. 


New Feature: Forms - Archive a submission
(People & Audit Central)

Clear out your submissions list for a Form by archiving the submission once you're done with it. Archived submissions will appear under a separate tab when viewing the submission list. 

This is handy for forms which need approvals, like marketing requests or complaint logging, where the submission is only needed for historical purposes after it's completed by all parties. 


We're constantly working to launch useful new features and we love to hear your feedback, reach out to our support team and let us know how you have put the new features into action!