Streamline your business functionality with Op Central's Integration with Google Sheets. Integrating Op Central with Google Sheets allows the automated pushing of Form Submissions from the Op Central platform into a linked Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Enable Integration and Link Google Sheet:

  1. Create a blank Google Sheet linked to your Google Account. (If you need help on this, please look through this guide created by Google: Google Sheets Training and Help).

  2. Create or edit a form (tutorial here) and add the required Form Fields.

  3. Once Form Fields have been created, select the Integrations tab and select the Sign in with Google button:

  4. Select your Google Account from the popup window then select Allow to enable the integration.

  5. The system will now prompt you to choose which spreadsheet you want to push Form Submissions to. Click the blank spreadsheet that was created earlier then click the Select button on the bottom left.

  6. After selecting a blank spreadsheet, the system will allow you to select which sheet to push the submission data to (these are the tabs that sit along the bottom of the spreadsheet) and create headers within the sheet with the same titles as the Form Fields created earlier. Select the Create Headers button to have the system automatically generate these column headers.

  7. The system will automatically map the Form Fields to the created column headers within the selected Google Sheet. This can be seen by the tick symbols under the Mapping header in the popup menu. The following fields are mandatory system fields that are automatically generated but can be unmapped manually:
    • Submission ID
    • Submitted By
    • Submitted On
    • Updated By

  8. You can change the mappings or remove them by selecting the Dropdown menus on the right-hand side. Select Submit to confirm the mappings. The column headers will now be created in the Google Sheet: 
    • (A popup will appear saying that any changes made to the column headers in the Google Sheet will unmap the corresponding Form Field and will need to be remapped from this tab)

  9. Creating additional column headers within the Google Sheet will not automatically map to the corresponding Form Field. This automatic mapping only occurs on the initial linking of a blank spreadsheet. To map Form Fields to new column headers, you can head back to the Integrations tab and select the Update Mapping button.

  10. Once Form has been published within Op Central, any new submissions will be pushed into the linked Google Sheet automatically. Each submission is added to the top of the list with older submissions being pushed down the sheet. Editing a Form Submission will add the data to the Google Sheet as a new line but will retain the same Submission ID.

Linking a New Sheet:

  1. Edit the linked Form and select the Integrations tab.

  2. Click on the Google Drive icon.

  3. Select the spreadsheet you are wanting to link to the form.

  4. The Form Fields will need to be remapped to the new sheet's column headers via the dropdown menus.

  5. Select Submit once mappings are complete and Update the form.


Disconnecting Linked Google Account:

  1. Edit the Form linked to Google Account.
  2. Click on the Integrations tab and select the Disconnect Account button.
  3. A popup will appear showing a list of linked forms that will be disconnected upon completion. Tick the checkbox and select Disconnect Account.


For Users with the ability to Manage Forms, when trying to edit a Form that is linked to another user's Google Account, a message will be displayed in the Integrations tab to show which user has linked their account. Changes made to the Form Fields will not be reflected in the mapping to the linked Google Sheet so these new fields will not be pushed through upon submission. The user that linked their Google Account will need to edit the Form and update the mapping.