New to Op Central? Follow these steps to get up and running. 

  1. Set up your Branding and visuals. Staff will feel much more engaged by logging in to a platform that's fully immersive with your company's image. Click here for the "Branding" how-to guide.
    Note: This may have already been done for you by the Op Central team
  2. Set up a Workplace Type. Think about who you want to add to the platform first, and where they work. If they also work at Head Office with you, then you may not need to complete this step as your details will already be in the platform. Check the "Workplaces" article for details.
  3. Add a Workplace, keeping in mind the first User you want to add. See the "Workplaces" article for instructions. 
  4. Create the Role for your first User. If they will be a full Admin with permission to access to every aspect of the platform, you can skip this step as the Admin role will already be created. Head over to the "Roles" article for details on setting up a Role. 
  5. Add your first User. This person can help you set up other areas of the platform if they have an Admin role. See the "User Management" article for a How-To. 

Now that you've got the platform branded up, the initial Workplace, Role and User created, it's time to add some content. 

If you want to jump right into the meat and potatoes, you can start adding your Operations Manuals. That is where you will host all your policies, procedures, best practices, training content, or whatever other documentation you would like to make available. Read the "Creating a Manual" help article under the Operations Manuals section. 

Want to start with something a bit less formal? Add your first News Article. Check out the "News Content" How-To for that. 

On the Dashboard, you could also set your preferred Social Stream options, or you could also add Quick Links or upcoming Events. Click here for the Dashboard help article.

Our support team is here to help with any questions you have, and provide general guidance or recommendations on setting up your new platform. Reach out to the team at, or get in touch with your dedicated account manager.