What we can do for you...

  • An initial migration of up to 500 pages of your content within the first 2 months of joining as an Op Central subscriber, into Work Central (Manuals).
  • Copy + Paste + Format content from your Microsoft Word docs or Google Docs, into native Op Central policy & procedure documents.
  • Do our best to replicate layout and formatting of your original docs.
  • Upload PDF docs into the File Manager, and link to them as "attachments" available for download in policies.
  • Upload images or collateral such as Marketing assets into the File Manager, and link to them as "attachments" available for download in policies.
  • Split multiple policies stored in one document into separate policies in Op Central (i.e. One big word doc containing 250 policies). This must be clearly defined in a table of contents or reference document as to how you would like it separated.
  • Attach images and videos to your content as instructed (videos must be less than 200mb and in Mp4 format, unless uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo first).
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations on structuring content (i.e. Manuals > Sections > Policies document structure); but you have the final say.


What we cannot do for you...

  • Read or review your content for typos or errors.
  • Edit or modify your content at all - other than aesthetic formatting as required to replicate your source document.
  • Copy + Paste content from PDF files.
  • Screenshot PDF files to use as images.
  • Set permissions or verification methods on your content. "Restrict Access" and "Required Reading" will both be turned off by default. Updating this is an easy process which we will teach you once the content has been migrated.
  • Upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Ongoing uploading, updating or managing of your content after the first 2 months after joining as an Op Central subscriber. We'll teach you how easy it is to manage this yourself any time!
  • Provide any legal advice/consulting on the contents. We work with some great consulting partners that we're happy to introduce if you need your content reviewed.
  • Bump your project ahead in the queue. Our Data Migration teams work in client-by-client projects; once they are complete with one set of content, they will move on to the next project. It's strongly advisable to send us all content you want to include in your project at the same time.
    Due to overwhelming demand for our data migration service, sometimes there may be a 2-3 week backlog of projects we are working through.