Use the Events module (often renamed to Calendar or Schedule) to keep important dates front and center on the dashboard. This can be used for things like marketing campaigns, training days, new store openings, awards nights, closures & holidays, management or franchisee meetings, and anything else you'd like to share with the network. 

For a general overview of the calendar widget, click here.

To create a new event:

  1. Click the arrow button to open the calendar.
  2. The default view is by month, but you can change the view by clicking the Week/Day/Schedule buttons along the top right hand side. 
  3. To create a new event, click on the day you want it to be on, or click "Create Event" on the top right corner.
  4. Set the start & end times by clicking the calendar icon next to the date, then clicking the clock icon. 
  5. Add the location address if needed. 
  6. Add a description of the event so the people viewing it have some details. You can add as much or as little content in here as you like; including images, GIFs, hyperlinks, etc. 
  7. Add a URL if needed (eg. zoom/teams video link, a website to purchase tickets, etc) 
  8. Add any attachments (eg. marketing collateral or info PDFs). These are downloadable by anyone who can see the event.
  9. Select which colour you want the event to display in on the calendar.
  10. Set the permissions. By default, events are public which means anyone with permission to see the event calendar will see the event.
    If Private, only the selected roles will be able to see the event on the calendar.
  11. Click save.

Each new event will create an in-platform notification (bell icon in taskbar) to relevant users to let them know a new event has been added. No email is sent.


To edit or delete an event:

  1. From the dashboard or within the calendar module, clicking on the event will display a popup with the event's information.
  2. Click the ellipses (three dot menu) and select Edit Event, or to Delete select Delete Event. 
  3. Edit the information you need to then click Save. 
  4. Any subscribed users will get an email notification about the changes or deletion.