Audits can be done across many different topics (OHS, Food Safety, full business Health Checks, Marketing, ISO Certification checks, etc) and on any workplaces/ locations/franchises. To create a new audit template:

  1. Click on Surveys & Audits > Workplace Audits > Questionnaires
  2. Select Create Questionnaire .
  3. Enter the following details:
    - Questionnaire Title
    - Any instructions to be shown to the auditor before the audit begins (they need to agree to these before starting)
    - Which workplace/location types the audit will be done on
    - How often (if at all) the audit needs to be done (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) 
  4. Click Questionnaire to add the questions. All pages/changes will automatically save when you click another tab.
  5. Add a question group for your questions. Question groups are used to separate different topics, such as Customer Service, Safety or Marketing related questions; and each group displays on a separate page. If your audit is small, you may only have one.
  6. Add the questions using the "+" plus button on the question group. The following options are available:
    - Include N/A option: this gives auditors the option to select N/A which removes the question from scoring.
    - Question is mandatory: If ticked, this question requires an answer and cannot be skipped.
    - Respondents can upload a file: If ticked, an optional file can be attached to this question.
    - Respondents can add free-text comments: If ticked, optional text comments can be added to this question. 
  7. When all questions are added, click the Permission tab.
  8. Set the Permissions for the audit. If you don't see the role/user in the Add New drop down menu, it means they have not been given access to the Auditing module (this can be changed by going to System Settings > Workplace Auditing).
    - Can submit: Whether the added user/role can submit on this audit, and for which workplaces they can submit for.
    - Required Task: Is this optional to do, or is it mandatory? The task for each audit required will display under the Tasks notifications.
    - View Reporting: Can this role/user view the reporting for this audit, and if so, which submissions can they see. If view reporting is "no", they can only see their own submissions. 
    - Edit submission: Ticking this box means this role/user can edit any submissions they have access to. It will overwrite any previous answers and these cannot be recovered.
    - Notifications: Ticking this will enable email notifications when a submission is received. 
  9. Change the email template if desired. Changing them at the audit questionnaire level overrides the email templates set within the "System Settings" area. 
  10. It is very important to review the questionnaire and ensure it is ready to be published. Click "Preview" to do this. 
    Important Note: Once published, Roles/Users who are required to make submissions get notification to do so immediately. Once there has been a submission started, you cannot edit the question scoring or add/delete questions. 
    If there are errors or the audit is no longer valid for whatever reason, you can Unpublish the audit, then make a clone and edit that one as needed before publishing. 
  11. Click Publish once it's ready.
  12. The audit questionnaire will now display in the list, and submissions can be made against it by going to Surveys & Audits > Workplace Audits > Submissions.

Your own submissions will display under the Surveys & Audits > Workplace Audits > Submissions page. 
If you want to view reporting (ie all submissions you have permission to see), click Reporting > Workplace Audits.


Video is of previous Audits module version. Will be updated shortly.