Each support ticket will always have an associated status and priority.

The status is what the assignee will change as the ticket is handled. There are three stages:

  • Open - The ticket hasn't been actioned
  • On Hold - The ticket has been actioned but is waiting for something or more details
  • Closed - The ticket has been completed or resolved and no further action is needed

You can change the wording of these statuses to suit your needs, as well as add more. To edit or add to these statuses:

  1. From the main support desk page, click the ellipses (three dot menu) and then onto "Status and Priority"

  2. A popup window will display with the current statuses. 
    Agent Status is the wording displayed to support agents; Submitter status is what is displayed to the person who submitted the ticket. These may be the same, or they can be different depending on your setup preferences.

  3. Once you edit or add a status, click the checkmark beside each one to save it
  4. When you're finished editing/adding, click the close button. The new statuses will be available for use immediately.


The priority is a label for how urgent the ticket is. This is set by the person submitting the ticket, but can also be changed by the Agent. The three default priorities are not editable (High, Medium & Low), however you can add more to suit your unique operations. 

To add more:

  1. From the main support desk page, click the ellipses (three dot menu) and then onto "Status & Priority"
  2. On the popup, click the Priority tab (top right hand)

  3. Add as many as you like and click the checkmark corresponding to each one to save the new priority label.
  4. Once done, click close and they will be available for use immediately.


Head to this article for help with assigning agents or managing ticket types.



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