On Thursday, 2nd September 2021, the below updates were released.

  • New Onboarding module
    • Clients using the previous onboarding programs were migrated across (all data).
    • The Onboarding module now has the ability to include custom forms, any content such as welcome messages or videos, training programs, and surveys; as well as policy sign-offs.
    • Both the Admin and End-User interfaces have had a major overhaul from the previous onboarding.

  • New User Profile
    • The User profile interface has been re-vamped to be more visually appealing.
    • User information can be viewed and downloaded with one click.
    • An Activity Log has been added.
    • Reporting tabs have been added to see a users Policy Sign-Offs, Training Programs, Performance Reviews, etc, all in one spot.

  • New permissions for Custom Fields
    • Custom fields can now have permissions for who can view and edit the fields.
    • There are now Update Notifications for when a field changes.
    • These can be set at a role, user, or user group level.

  • New export function for Forms module
    • Individual Form submissions can now be exported in XLS format
    • You can now also export any added attachments on one click (files, pictures, etc)


The Onboarding module is part of the People Central suite (launching mid September!). If you didn't previously use the old onboarding programs; Feel free to register your interest now in the upcoming People Central suite. Email support@opcentral.com.au with the subject People Central, and we'll connect you with the right team. 

The Forms module is part of the Audit Central & People Central suites. Audit Central is available now, if you do not currently have this as part of your package and want to see if it would be the right fit for your business, reach out to support@opcentral.com.au with the subject Audit Central, and we'll connect you with the right team.