We take your platform security very seriously. In addition to having your information stored in a secure cloud environment with password encryption, you also have the option to use additional advanced security settings in-platform. Click here for a more general overview of our security measures.

Admins can view these settings by clicking the Systems Settings tab under your Profile icon, and then clicking Security under the General Settings box.

  1. IP Firewall: Disables access to the platform for any computer (IP address) that isn't listed. This option may be useful if you only have a small team of staff or if everyone is required to do training from one device. 

  2. Auto Log-Out: Automatically log-out users that have been inactive for the specified number of minutes. Choose to apply this to all users, or select roles only.

  3. Login Settings: If your company uses Azure Active Directory for user management, you can use that for log-in. If you change this option from Vortilla to Active Directory, only those users listed in your Active Directory can log-in. Users who are not included in your Active Directory will not be able to log-in.  For more information visit Microsoft's website. Op Central requires an initial set-up and sync to your Active Directory, so please contact us if you would like to set this up. 

  4. Forced Password Reset: Automatically force users to reset their passwords after a specific time period.

  5. 2 Factor Authentication: Require users to enter a code sent by email, in addition to their password, when they are attempting to log in with their username and password. If enabled, users will have the option for their browser to remember them for 14 days.
    • Disabled: 2FA is disabled and cannot be utilised by any users.
    • Optional: Users are able to opt-in and opt-out of 2FA at any time. This can be done when they are activating their account for the first time, and when editing their profile moving forward.
    • Required for all users: This forces 2FA for all users. Once enabled, it automatically registers 2FA for all users.
      Notes: 2FA does not apply to the Mobile App, only mobile browsers and laptop/PC browsers.
      Switching the setting from Required to Optional does not automatically de-register all users, and they must de-register themselves from inside their profile. 

Prevention of page "Print" from web browser: This is an automatic feature that prevents users from being able to "print" the page from their web browser. It is always enabled.