The Purchasing module is a legacy module and is not available to add to your platform. 

To change the Purchasing module settings like who can place orders, who looks after the orders (suppliers), or changing the terms and conditions:

  1. Click on your profile icon then down to System Settings.
  2. Under module settings, click Purchasing
    Note: This may be different if the name of the module has been previously changed
  3. From here you can rename the module, set or change the purchase order address, and add or update the terms and conditions. Anyone who makes an order is required to accept these T&C's. Click save before navigating away from this screen.
  4. You can view and edit the default emails from this area, via the Email Templates drop down accordian.
  5. Click the permissions tab to choose who can access the module and place orders, who can view orders, who are the suppliers (the people who will get notified of an order), and who can manage the products. 

Note: Op Central does not handle payments or monetary transactions via the platform.
Note 2: Op Central does not have the ability to add shipping costs.