Perhaps the most integral part of the platform is the Policy Sign-Off feature. If your account's Role or User Group has been marked as Required Reading for a policy, you will be required to confirm that you have read and understood the policy. Scroll below these instructions for a video.

  1. In the side bar. click on Work Central (this may have been renamed to something else by your company, like Manuals or Resources). On this page, you will see all Manuals available to you. Manuals with unread required policies will display a red flag in the corner, with the number of unread required policies. Hover over the manual and click the View button to open it up.

  2. Unread mandatory policies will have an alert icon (!) on the Table of Contents, as well as show up as a "Task" to complete. Tasks will not clear until the required reading is done, and you may receive reminder emails about the unread reading.
    If you want to see all unread policies, either click the (!) button at the top of the table of contents, or click "View All" in your task list, then on any policy from that page.
  3. Once you have read the policy and watched any videos, you will see a confirmation section along the bottom of the policy. 
  4. Click Confirm.
    • If no other action is required of you, then you are finished the sign-off.
    • There may be a quiz. You will be required to answer the questions correctly before proceeding.
    • You may be presented with a confirmation message. You are required to enter your password to confirm this. This is used as your digital signature acknowledging the confirmation message.  
  5. You will get a green "Success" message when you have finished all steps required for the sign-off. This is now complete and you can move on to the next unread policy, if any. 

If you try to navigate away from the page before completing the sign-off, you will see a popup alert message.