Roles/Users with the "View Reporting" permissions within an Onboarding program, are able to view completed programs and also download the relevant user information. 

  • Across All Locations: Users with this role can view and download onboarding data from users across all locations in the system.
  • Users Location(s) only: Users with this role can view and download data from users at their own locations. Eg If the Franchisee is mapped to Bendigo and Docklands, they can see onboarding data for any users at Bendigo and Docklands.
  • No: Users with this role cannot view or download any onboarding data for this program.


To view Onboarding reporting:

  1. In the side menu, click Reporting.
  2. Click the Onboarding tab.
  3. From here, you will see any users that have been assigned onboarding programs. 

To download the completed Onboarding data (forms, file uploads):

  1. Click the three dot drop down menu (ellipses)
  2. Click "Export".
  3. A ZIP file of all forms and attached documents will download to your device. 
  4. Click "View Program" if you would like to view the entire completed program on the screen.
  5. Click the View User button if you would like to go to the user's profile. 

The Statuses:

  • Not Started: This user has been sent an activation email but has not activated their account/logged in yet.
  • In Progress: This user has activated their account and started the onboarding program, but has not completed it yet. You cannot see onboarding details of a user who is In Progress.
  • Complete: This user has completed the onboarding program and now has access to the rest of the platform. The data can be viewed/downloaded.