Here are the updates, improvements and changes released over the month of October & early November 2021! Some are general across the whole system, and some are specific to particular packages & modules. Happy reading! 


New Feature: Relationship Manager - Short Preview
(Connect Central)

When viewing the activity log in the Relationship Manager, you will now see the first few words of the "Description" field of the log. This helps to identify the notes, meetings and any other custom activity type you create. 


Improved Function: Bulk Importing Users or Locations

We have greatly enhanced and improved our bulk import tool for both Users and Locations! Here's what's new/changed:

  • You can import both Excel and CSV file types (previously only CSV)
  • A handy new "Cheatsheet" to help you out with things like required fields, custom field data validations, etc
  • An easy to read error report with highlighted cells if the import isn't successful
  • Much clearer prompt for sending user activation emails (previously you had to tick a box before importing, now there is a popup after importing)


Improved Function: Manuals/Policies Reporting

We have added the user Role to the policy reporting popup, for easier viewing and searching. For example, if you want to export a list of every user with the role of "Manager" who hasn't signed off on the "Food Safety" policy, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the unread/read popup (under Actions in Reporting)
  2. Search "Manager"
  3. Then hit the export button! 


New Feature: Training Activities Mappings
(Learn Central)

Now you never have to try and remember all the programs or modules that your training activities are linked into! We've added a handy new "Mappings" section at the bottom of the Details tab on each training activity, that shows you exatcly which programs/modules that particular activtity exists in. 

Editing an activity in one program will also change it in the other program(s), so this is a helpful tool to prevent making changes to activities that shouldn't apply everywhere.


Improved Function:  Adding Policies to Training Programs
(Learn Central)

Previously, adding policies to training programs was time consuming if you had more than a handful to add, and difficult if you didn't know the titles since it was by search.

Now, adding policies is a breeze with our new interface!
Quickly search within a specific Manual or for a policy, and use the "+" button to add it to the training program. Select as many as you like, all in one go, then click the Save button at the bottom of the popup.