Here are the updates, improvements and changes released over the month of November 2021! Happy reading! 


New Feature: Contracts - Add Attachments
(People Central or formally Franchise Central)

Within the set up of a contract template, you can now allow for additional attachments to be added when users are sending contracts from that template. 

Examples of attachments: Fair Work Statements in PDF, Tenant Information packs from the Government, or any other lengthy or third party created document.


Improved Function: New columns on Policy Drafts page
(Work Central)

In the "drafts" section of Manuals/Policies (Work Central), you can now see the user who created the draft, and when. 


Improved Function: Attachment notes on Policy Export
(Work Central)

When a user exports a policy via the built-in export function, they will now see any attachments to that policy listed in a helpful table at the bottom.


Improved Function: New columns on "All Policies" page
(Work Central)

You can now see the user who has last updated the policy, as well as the date it was updated, from the All Policies page.