The Purchasing module is a legacy module and is not available to add to your platform.

If you are assigned as the supplier of a product, you will receive notification by both email and in-platform when someone orders the product.

To manage your orders, click Purchasing, then Orders.

  1. PO Number: This is generated by the system and displays on the purchase order. 
  2. Comments: If the purchaser has made any comments for the order, they will display here.
  3. Status
    1. Processing: This means the order is waiting to be actioned
    2. Shipped: This means the order has been shipped via post. You can click the three dot menu (ellipses) to view the tracking details
  4. View the purchase order
  5. Opens a drop down menu
    1. If item is still processing, this menu will display: Download PO, Ship Items, Mark Complete, or Cancel Order
    2. If item is Shipped, it will display: Download PO and Track Order (links to the shipping company tracking page)


When marking an order as 'Shipped', you are given a prompt to add the tracking number and select the appropriate shipping company. Any shipping company can be entered, simply contact your Op Central support specialist to have it added. 

If you want to mark the order as filled without entering shipping details, click the "Mark as Complete" option.

Cancelling an order sends a notification and email to the purchaser to let them know their order has been canceled.